NCTU-ICT Co-working Space

ICT in the NCTU-ICT Co-working Space means Innovative Creative Technology. National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) plans distinctive, forward-looking and innovative research and development themes, emphasizing creativity and innovation and creating learning energy, and actively involving the whole university students in new interdisciplinary learning topics.

The University has gathered teachers from different fields and established a teacher community. Based in NCTU Engineering Building 1, it created the NCTU-ICT Co-working Space. Through the design of hands-on courses, the co-working space provides classes for interdisciplinary communication, cooperation and co-creation, integration of different knowledge, and improvement of hands-on capability. In addition to semester time, it uses flexible time such as weekends, holidays and evenings to offer short-term professional advanced courses or capstone projects, so as to strengthen the learning depth of professional fields; or runs general basic short-term courses, so that students not majoring in the subject can also use these short-term courses to increase their interdisciplinary learning opportunities, study courses and accumulate credits for graduation. Let change begin with learning!

In the face of great changes in the future, NCTU attaches equal importance to both specialty and practice by creating the first NCTU-ICT resource sharing and communication platform.

The heart of our hands-on courses

Focusing on hands-on activities, the course provides students with refresher training featuring professional learning, combination of theory and practice before they enter the industry as a way to deepen their local connection to the international community.

Interdisciplinary flexible curriculum design

Breaking down the barriers between compulsory and elective courses, it initiated the design of flexible credits (learning workshop, microcredit, professional hands-on course) based on the professional team and workshop, and returns the autonomy in learning to students.

Construction of university-level comprehensive large laboratories

Integrating the new forward-looking technological energy of the university and planning professional experimental courses and space, it makes the best use of effective resources and becomes an important base for the origin of high-end science and technology in the University.